Husband Not on Board for Your Dream...Just Yet

Husband Not on Board for Your Dream...Just Yet

If you’re a momma/significant other with a dream, you may have found yourself faced with the battle of validating your passion to your mate at some point and time. Your project, hobby or business concept means the wold to you BUT your mate just doesn’t get it yet.

In your head, you’re yearning for the utopian idea of you and your special person strategizing together over business ideas and such. Yet, you find yourself strategizing over how to not bop him in the head for his lack of vision.

Hey we get it!

Navigating this situation is not easy at all and actually it’s pretty tough on both parties if we are being honest. That’s why we need to have some girl talk about this one.

One thing we want you to know is that your mate more than likely wants the best for you, but right now they just don’t get it. It’s okay, this is YOUR dream.

Forcing your dream on them and then getting frustrated when they passionometer isn’t brimming over when you wax poetic about your next big idea.

Our best piece of advice to you is to remind yourself that the journey you are on is your own. It shouldn’t be forced on your mate or even your friends for that matter. It’s not their journey. This doesn’t mean their love for you should be questioned or that they don’t have your back.

They do, this just isn’t their walk.

Eventually it could be though, so the best thing you can do, is buckle down, answer questions when they ask, share here and there without expectation of full buy in and keep your train rolling. Your mate could become your biggest ally OR you could be a total boss and build an empire on your own while respecting your mates boundaries and allowing them to have their own pursuits that might not be your own.

What are your thoughts on mates who don’t share the dream? What advice do you have?