How Baby Wearing Saved My Productivity

How Baby Wearing Saved My Productivity

Let’s just say, Micah is very attached to his mommy and naturally has been since he was born. As you all know, I left my job in June of last year and decided to keep Micah at home to save money and time on the commute to and from his daycare. That meant I had to get very crafty when it came to keeping him relaxed and doing my actual work while at home.

That’s where baby wearing with our various Boba wraps and carriers came in and where it will come in again when our new addition arrives in a couple of weeks. Let me list some of the benefits I experienced from baby wearing for those that aren’t familiar.

  • Baby wearing allowed me to feel like a good momma, WHILE being super productive. (The extra cuddles were pretty awesome too)

  • Micah experienced less stress and time where he may have had to be placed in a baby chair or his bed had the carrier not been an option. He got to happily snuggle against me, where he ideally wanted to be while my hands were free to type and work as needed.

  • Breastfeeding handsfree was awesome! I could literally loosen a strap, feed the kid and keep it moving. Once he got older, I’d just hand him his bottle while he was in the carrier.

  • Less crying time and more skin to skin time meant both of us were in a good headspace which allowed me to flourish creatively.

Now I could go on and on about baby wearing and why I know it will be a God send again with this new baby girl. I won’t do that though.

I will say, if you are like me and can’t afford a decrease in production as a work from home mom, giving baby wearing a try is more than likely a great option! My go to brand, if you need a suggestion is the Boba brand.

I have used their wraps and their carriers and love both equally. We used the wrap exclusively when Micah was a small baby and the carriers once he became heavier. I also love the beautiful patterns they offer that are sure to appeal to stylish mommas like yourself.

Let me know if baby wearing has worked for you and what tips and tricks you suggest for new mommas.

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