How to Be Competitive at Work While Supporting Other Women

How to Be Competitive at Work While Supporting Other Women

Being a beast at work as a woman can have its social drawbacks. It can actually be downright isolating especially when not done well.

Take it from a momma who bull dozed her way from one position to the next relentlessly and without concern for my counterparts and their perspective. I do want you to know that you can have your cake and eat it too. It just takes some tact and honestly some genuine consideration for how your maneuvers and ambition will impact those around you.

After all, there is no I in team, right?

Before we talk about how being competitive at work while supporting your female counterparts is just the right thing to do, let’s chat about the downside of ignoring this vital practice.

  • Problem 1: You receive the promotions and professional accolades YES but, you miss out on the camaraderie along the way that you’ll need to effectively lead a team.
  • Problem 2: You contribute to the notion that women can’t work together and that we have crabs in the bucket mentalities. WOMEN CAN WORK TOGETHER.
  • Problem 3: You look like a pompous douche and the in-fighting does none of us any good.

    Okay now that we have discussed that matter, let’s talk about how we can co-exist, be fierce AND get the bag!

    • Look at the women next to you as ALLIES instead of ENEMIES of progress. SO much more can be accomplished when we see the women along side us as friends instead of foes. Change your perspective so that you can approach inner-office relationship with more confidence and less paranoia.
    • Share the roadmap, this goes along with seeing your co-workers as allies instead of enemies. It’s a bit different though. Sharing how you are achieving success will not give away the secret sauce, YOU after all are the secret sauce, just like the mom or lady next to you is as well.
    • Have THEIR back, if there is ever a choice between selling a co-worker out and having HER back, HAVE HER BACK. This is key! Women face more than enough opposition in the workplace, don’t add to it momma.

      What would you add as tips for supporting other women in the workplace from the mom perspective or what have you? We would like to know!

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