3 Uses for Coconut Oil for Baby Care

3 Uses for Coconut Oil for Baby Care

Coconut oil is basically the swiss army knife of "momdom", if you ask us. When it comes to multi-purpose products this is one that definitely tops the list. So let's talk about the Top 3 Uses for Coconut Oil when it comes to baby care!

Coconut Oil Use #1

Diaper cream! This is probably our number one go-to when it comes to a diaper rash. Coconut oil is naturally anti-fungal so it can be effective at fighting against some fungal infections.

We suggest swiping some coconut oil on your baby's bum during diaper changes to protect their skin from moisture and other "yuckies".

Coconut Oil Use #2

Cradle cap! Yes, it works for that too. Cradle cap is a common rash that can affect a baby's scalp.

Coconut oil can potentially be an effective treatment for this rash due to it mimicking the skin's natural oils and helping to lift the existing scalp flakes. To use coconut oil on baby, you basically slather a good coating on your baby's scalp, work it in, allow it to sit for 20 minutes and then rinse from their hair and scalp.

Coconut Oil Use #3

Baby lotion! Yep just keep the jar out and coat baby ALL OVER, we mean grease them up, good momma! Coconut oil is the perfect after-bath moisturizer for baby's sensitive skin. 

So go ahead feel free to apply this gentle, natural alternative to your baby's body and take a moment to appreciate the delicious scent it gives your kiddo.

Well mommas, this has been a round-up of 3 tried and true ways to use coconut oil on your baby! Have other tips and tricks, share in the comments below!

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